The Old Hat - West Ealing
Don't miss the 6 Nations 2020
1st February- 14th March

Settle in for The Rugby
Catch the action on our large HD tv’s and projector screen and soak up the unmistakable atmosphere of The Old Hat. 
Scrum in with other excited rugby fans and enjoy some of the 
great 6 Nations offers that are available throughout the tournament. 

Pints of Guinness - £3 during the games. 

You don't need to sin on the field to get sent here. 
There are no time outs or yellow cards to worry about, instead you can 
enjoy two selected Gin and Tonics for £10.00. 
We think that that is something worth getting sent off for. 

6 Nation Burgers

We have delicious food offers including our legendary 6 Nation Burgers.
With a different burger for each nation, there is no rivalry when 
it comes to taste. Every burger is topped with flavours from either  
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France or Italy and 
all of them are as delicious as each other.  Don't worry, we won't judge 
if you choose the burger of the opposing team.
Why not try them all and see what one is your favourite. 
Watch out for out for our weekly competitions and giveaways on 
social media that will add to the excitement of the matches.


Check out the full list of fixtures that we will be showing.
There's no place like the pub for Live Sport 
Round 1 
Saturday 1st February
Wales v Italy, 2.15pm
Ireland v Scotland, 4.45pm
Sunday 2nd February
France v England, 3pm

Round 2

Saturday 8th February
Ireland v Wales, 2.15pm
Scotland v England, 4.45pm

Sunday 9th February
France v Italy, 3pm


Round 3

Saturday 22nd  February
Italy v Scotland, 2.15pm
Wales v France, 4.45pm

Sunday 23rd  February
England v Ireland, 3pm

Round 4 

Saturday 7th March
Ireland v Itlay, 2.15pm
England v Wales, 4.45pm

Sunday 8th March
Scotland v France. 3pm


Round 5

Saturday 14th March
Wales v Scotland, 2.15pm
Itlay v England, 4.45pm
France v Ireland. 8pm

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